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2011 MiP Rosé
[Provence, France]
*** / $18
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If you're not excited by the sight of all those corks, then you're in the wrong place.

If you love wine but are afraid of buying or even trying one you've never heard of, then come on in and learn what you need to know to explore new horizons. Wine is a delicious way to travel around the world without the need of a passport. It's not hard to expand your palate, it just takes a strong desire, a willingness to learn, a bit of cash and a lot of drinking.

I didn't learn all this overnight, but I'm hoping to provide a jumpstart, giving you the most basic info that took me 10 years to acquire and will help you step out of your daily wine grind. We all have our favorites, but without trying everything, you're definitely missing out.


APRIL 6, 2014: 2nd Annual Garagiste Festival: Southern Exposure

glasses2014.jpgSo being the event director for the Festival has it's advantages, but there's not as much wine involved as one would expect while planning an event like this. With over 100 wines to try each day, I mostly concentrated my tasting efforts on wineries that were new to me (and the Festival), as well as ones that were extremely limited or hard to obtain (no tasting room). Given that I had all day access (there are some perks) I probably got around to more wineries than most attendees, but I by no means reached everyone. Since I already know the winemakers and their stories, I wasn't spending time chatting, just tasting a.k.a. drinking. Here are the wines I would buy (and did when possible) so I could drink them again. If you happen to find one of them, grab it before it's gone.

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