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about_pic.jpgWell, it all began over 15 years ago with a glass of Chilean Merlot. I wasn't into wine then and certainly didn't drink reds. Too bitter, too warm. And then that glass. It was bright and soft and fruity. It completely changed my opinion of red wine and sent me on my current unquenchable journey. I've taken innumerable classes and trips to help expand my palate and my knowledge. This isn't even my first wine website. Anyone who's every tried to run one knows how much work is involved.

So why am I doing it again? Well, partly because as much as I love drinking wine, I equally love to talk about it and I've grown tired of being asked why I don't have a website. I could have just done a blog like everyone else and saved myself a lot of time and effort, but I wanted this site to provide more than reviews on what I drank that day. I wanted to be able to go deeper than the blog format allows. It's no fun for me if I'm not learning as well.

My qualifications? I have tasted extensively throughout California, as well as in certain parts of Washington, New York and Connecticut. I'm constantly asked by old friends, and sometimes the new ones you meet in a tasting room, which wineries to visit. Since many of them have become club members based on my recommendations, I guess what I like is pretty good. I am certainly nowhere near being an expert, but I have taken many, many, many classes and read countless books on the subject of wines both Old World and New. Plus, I drink alot...of various wines.

I am also currently enrolled in the internationally recognized Wine and Spirits Education's Trust (WSET) program, where I have completed the Advanced Certificate. I've got a lot of reading and drinking to do before I'm thru, but I'm hoping the information you'll find here helps spark your interest even more and sends you on your own journey around the wine world.

Thanks for visiting!


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