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Despite adoring the Internet, I still get most of my wine knowledge from books. However, I do have some favorite wine links I wanted to share.
  • Austrian Wine – Everything you need to know about this Old World country (regions/grapes/laws) that's making great strides to become a major player in the world of wine. These are wines that deserve your attention for prices that won't hurt your pocketbook.

  • Blue Danube Wine Company – Bet you didn't know they were making wine in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Hungary. Well, neither did I until I began attending tastings by these importers. Sure the grapes are wierd and occasionally unpronouncible, but the wines sure taste good going down. Helping expand palates one bottle at a time.

  • Cameron Hughes Wines – A New World negociant who's taking advantage of the grape glut and delivering amazing wines from first class regions for miniscule prices. His wines can be found in CostCo or online for under $15.

  • Cellar Tracker – The best way to keep track of your wine inventory. Not only is it online, so you can access it from any computer, but the number of wines in it's database is truly astounding. And it's free.

  • Local Wine Events.com – Includes all major cities and everything from festivals and cooking classes to weekly wine bar tastings. If you want to taste, this site will find a place for you to go.

  • Food and Wine Magazine – Great recipes usually with the perfect wine to match.

  • Andrea Immer – One of 14 female Master Sommeliers in the world her books and website make learning about wine fun and easy. She also has a great 1/2 hour cooking show on the Food Network/Fine Living Channel called Pairings with Andrea that's as inspiring as it is hilarious. At least we find it funny.

  • Jancis Robinson – The First Lady of Wine Education. She has written or co-authored some of the wine world's most acclaimed reference books.

  • Free the Grapes – An organization devoted to changing the outdated shipping laws that keep many of us from being able to purchase the wines we love.

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